Agricoltura e Giardinaggio 110 anni di esperienza e ricerca Pompe per irrorazione, diserbo, disinfestazione la migliore tradizione industriale Made in Italy Pompe, motopompe, atomizzatori, impolveratori la passione è la nostra specializzazione


Officine Carpi is a company located at Poviglio (Reggio Emilia) that works in Agricultural and gardening fields since 1904.
Discover what we have achieved in 110 years of activity.


Officine Carpi offers a wide range of equipment for spraying, weeding, pest control, both by hand and motor: pumps, motor pumps, atomizer, dusters.


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Officine Carpi operate in Italy with more than 600 retailers in Italy and in 40 other countries in the world.
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